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The warning signs of fainting

You ever watched someone faint on TV or online and thought to yourself - “That’s dramatic! I could’ve handled that better.” 

But what if we told you that when reality hits, it could actually be a frightening encounter? 

Fainting, or passing out, is a temporary loss of consciousness from a sudden decrease of blood flow to your brain. It usually lasts about a few seconds to minutes. 

In Singapore, remember 995 for emergencies!  Act fast if someone becomes confused, disoriented, or incoherent. These could be signs of a stroke or head injury. If they lose consciousness and aren't breathing, start CPR immediately and use an AED if available. 

Your quick action could save a life!

In case you’re wondering if there’s any other way we can prepare ourselves for an emergency, consider enrolling in our Standard First Aid course, we will teach you more on how to provide emergency assistance.  

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