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A career with Singapore First Aid Training Centre is more than just a day job. It's an opportunity to join a team on a mission to save lives through educating and empowering others to step forward, render help and make a difference. This is what we do at Singapore First Aid Training Centre for nearly 20 years as we cope with the ever- evolving needs of our learners and clients.

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We are seeking those who are looking beyond the short term gratifications of an everyday job and are seeking to establish a meaningful career together with a supportive and dynamic team.

We've work hard, sometimes beyond what we signed up for. Whether it's staying back to get a task done, being additionally resourceful to find solutions or putting in more effort than we normally would. But nothing beats that huge feeling of satisfaction we get at the end of each day. Because it really takes the whole team at SgFirstAid to get every first aider ready.

So when you think about the part that everyone plays that will result in the courage to step forward, help others, save lives and make a difference, then it all just make complete sense. Because at SgFirstAid, we're leaving our legacy behind.

If you are in for more than just a job, then write to us, speak to us and let's make the future brighter together!

Join Singapore First Aid Training Centre Careers @ SgFirstAid


Let's join hands and make the world better!

Be a part of our team and join us in admin, sales, marketing, IT, media development, HR and of course, training. 

For training, full time and freelance positions are available. Qualified nurses, paramedics, and SAF / SCDF medic instructors with valid instructor certification, teaching experience and ACTA / ACLP certifications will have an advantage. Further training and certifications will be facilitated by SgFirstAid to bridge gaps for industry approval. 

So are you ready to have brand new career experience in a vibrant working environment? Seek it now at Singapore First Aid Training Centre. Simply email us your resume to  today. We'll be in touch with you shortly!

Join Singapore First Aid Training Centre Careers @ SgFirstAid
Join Singapore First Aid Training Centre Careers @ SgFirstAid
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