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  • Who is Singapore First Aid Training Centre?
    Singapore First Aid Training Centre (SFATC) is one of Singapore's leading first aid training centre and we've been in the industry of providing certification and non-certification training in first aid, CPR, AED and life support since 2000.
  • Where is Singapore First Aid Training Centre located?
    We're located at 29 Bukit Pasoh Road Level 1, Singapore 089843. To view a map to our office and training centre, click here.
  • How long have you been around?
    We have been around since 2000 and have trained over 300,000 participants comprising of first aiders, CPR and AED providers, first aid workshops, resuscitation providers and trauma life support providers ever since.
  • Who are your trainers?
    Our instructors come from various background and include emergency physicians, doctors, paramedics from the Emergency Ambulance Services and the Singapore Armed Forces, staff nurses, ambulance medics and combat medic specialists. These are professionals from the field with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share to make the courses very interesting and as real as they can possibly be. Our associate trainers include safety officers, fire safety consultants, business continuity professionals and ex-SCDF disaster management experts.
  • What makes you different from other organisations?
    Apart from the experience and capability of our trainers, our organisation has a strong reputation for providing a very unique and engaging delivery style that put us where we are in this industry. We are also the 1st first aid training institution in Singapore to provide blended and eLearning options for first aid courses using 100% online learning, which is an absolutely enhanced and enriching learning experience unlike distant learning via Zoom and other teleconferencing tools. Plus, we always truly committed to make sure that you get the best overall experience with us throughout your journey with us, from sign up to getting your certificate.
  • Is your training accredited or recognised?
    Yes, we are accredited and recognised by the main bodies in Singapore such as the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Early Childhood Development Agency, Maritime Port Authority, National Registry of Coaches, Singapore Sports Council, International Trauma Life Support and the American Heart Assocation.
  • Why should I sign up with SFATC?
    You should sign up only if you want the absolute best. Because it is our culture and commitment to take best care of you from the start, so that your journey with us is the most pleasant and enriching of all. When you choose us, you are also choosing Affordable course fees Total reliability High quality training conducted by emergency professionals Top quality support Convenience with onsite training Flexible arrangement Exceptional quality, easy-to-learn programmes Professional support staff Your 100% satisfaction, always And most importantly, we keep our courses simple and put the focus back on saving lives!
  • How do I know if you are really that good?
    We understand how essential it is to have that assurance, especially when it comes to learning something as important as first aid. That is why we welcome you to browse through our live testimonials taken straight from the comments after our classes! And if you are still not convinced, we welcome you to sit in part of any of our ongoing public run courses just to have a preview of what you would be experiencing. We're absolutely confident that a few minutes of seeing our instructors at work will help you make that clear, positive decision to sign up with us. We run up to 15 classes on regular days, so just call us at 6297 8123 to check when is the best time to sit in!
  • When do you conduct your courses?
    We conduct courses at any time of the day, 7 days a week, excluding public holidays and days when we are off for corporate training or retreat (our team needs a break too!). We have scheduled public run courses at our training centre, or if you have your own group to start a course, we can cater to your preferred timing.
  • Who will conduct the courses?
    Our team of instructors which include those from the training, paramedical, nursing and safety fields will be conducting the courses. These are individuals with tremendous professional and training experience to share with you during the courses.
  • Where do you conduct the courses?
    We conduct our scheduled public run courses at our training centre located at 29 Bukit Pasoh Road and 150 Neil Road. Alternatively, if you have your own group to start, we can bring our courses to a location of your choice.
  • Do you cater to evening courses?
    Yes. These are usually conducted on per request basis.
  • When should I start booking for the courses?
    If you are joining our public run courses, you must confirm your registration with payment at least 1 week before the course starts. If you are organising your own group, your confirmed registration and payment must be made at least 3 weeks before the course is scheduled to start. For urgent bookings, call our support staff to check for availability and prevailing conditions.
  • You do not have the training that I require. Can you customise your training to cater to our industry?
    Yes, tell us your requirements and we can tailor make our courses to cater to your industry's needs.
  • We just need a short talk or workshop or toolbox session on basic lifesaving or safety techniques. Do you have something for us?
    Yes, we have conducted many talks and workshops like these and may already have something you require. Otherwise, we can help you with the contents of the talk to make it suitable for you.
  • We're organising an event like parent's day gathering and would like our attendees to know more about first aid. Can you hold an awareness talk for us?
    Yes, we have conducted many engaging sessions like these for members of the public to help create awareness and interest in first aid and CPR. Do check with us for our availability to conduct this for you.
  • We would like to know more about AEDs. Can you do a short talk or demo on AED and show us how it works?
    Yes, let us know how you want us to conduct this for you and we will bring our presenters and to perform a talk and demo AEDs.
  • Are you able to conduct a live ZOOM session for our staff?
    Yes, in fact we have conducted many successful zoom sessions with great feedback. Get in touch with us today to make the arrangement with us.
  • I have just taken up your course and feel that others can benefit from it. How can I tell others about your courses?
    Thank you for spreading the word! Singapore First Aid Training Centre is one of the fastest growing First Aid, CPR, AED and Life Support training centres in the region. And we owe much of our growth to the dedication and efforts of people like you who are spreading the word to their friends, families and colleagues. You can help share the message of first aid and saving lives to those you know. Others way can include sharing a post on Facebook, IG or Twitter about your positive experiences during the training. Share your review about us on Google reviews, or post up a simple video on YouTube of yourself sharing your experience with us. And don't forget to tag us! It just takes 1 live saved through you - or those whom you have shared this message to - to make this all worthwhile! Thank you!
  • I feel very strongly about first aid, CPR and AED after your course. How can I be kept in the loop on the latest updates?"
    We're glad to get you motivated and thank you for your enthusiasm! As a SgFirstAider, you will be automatically added to our update list, so that anytime we have something new, we'll let you know! If you are not SgFirstAider, you'll find our latest updates at our communications portal SgFirstAid.Com. You can also LIKE and follow / subscribe to us on our different platforms: Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Let's connect up online!
  • How do I keep my skills and knowledge up to date?
    The quickest way is to subscribe to our communications portal @ and follow us on all of our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. But when it comes to maintaining your CPR and AED skills competency, nothing can compare to the One Heart Manikin Kit. The One Heart Manikin (OHM) Kit is a complete CPR+AED self-directed learning kit which comprises of a lightweight, eco-friendly manikin, an AED simulator pads, an online learning portal and cardiac arrest scenarios to simulate the actual management of a cardiac arrest situation. At the end, participants can take up an online test and submit their scenario test video to be evaluated. Successful participants will be awareded a Certificate of Completion. Find out more here :
  • Do you organise activities for your first aiders?
    Yes, we'll be holding meetings, activities and outings for our first aiders in the future. Look out for it here!
  • Our certificates are about to expire. Do we renew it with you?
    Yes, look out for our refresher course schedules on our website. Call us now at 62978123 to keep your certs valid!
  • We are conducting a road show and we would like to have a first aid booth available. Can you set up a booth and display your products and services for our attendees?
    Yes, only for sponsored/complimentary booth space. We can also include a public presentation if necessary. Do confirm with us at least 2 months in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements in time.
  • Do you conduct public presentations, CME talks or group seminars on a particular topic of our choice?"
    Yes, do provide us with your requirements at least 1 month prior to the event.
  • Can you help us set up an emergency response program for our workplace, school or compound?"
    Yes, our team of paramedics and nurses can help create, implement and perfect the right emergency response program for you. This may include intense planning, program announcements, drills and exercises, equipment recommendation, training and facilitation and much more. Talk to us today about this.
  • We have recently purchased medical products and would like our staff to learn how to use it. Can you come up with a systematic training program to teach our staff how to use and apply these products effectively?
    Yes, we can help you plan and prepare the training materials and training program for the systematic teaching and deployment of your new products. Our team have years of experience using and teaching medical products and can incorporate real-life experiences using these products in the practical application. Call us today for more details.
  • We are a supplier of medical products and now require to mass train our clients using their own medical protocols. Can you cater for this type of training and product implementation?
    Yes, we believe our staff will be able to help your clients achieve the best with their products and we thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this. We will try our best to assist in most cases, but we hope you understand that all products or protocols will be evaluated first beforehand. Do call on us with your proposal.

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