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Our mission is to save lives by educating and empowering people to step forward and help others.


  • To ensure that each person in Singapore is trained in first aid and CPR.

  • To turn every participant into effective, action-taking first aiders.

  • To set the gold standard for first aid education in the world.

For nearly 2 decades, Singapore First Aid Training Centre has remained one of the fastest developing first aid schools in Singapore, training and certifying over 360,000 participants from all walks of life in the practical skills of first aid, CPR, AED and life support.

Backed by a dynamic team of professional trainers, Singapore First Aid Training Centre creates a highly conducive learning environment that enables everyday people to develop the ability to perform "Real First Aid for the Real World™"

Singapore First Aid Training Centre's courses and programs are conducted using its signature high involvement and interaction training methodology that has completely blown away traditional training methods used in common first aid courses.

Powered by online learning facilitation, modern day training tools and the latest teaching capabilities, Singapore First Aid Training Centre delivers a learning experience that will leave a positive impact and lasting impression to learners. 

Come experience for yourself. Begin your learning journey with us today!

About Singapore First Aid Training Centre Mission VIsion Statements
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