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If a cardiac arrest victim could speak in his or her dying moments, those would probably be the last words. The hard reality is that MOST of us hesitate to help, allowing another life slip away from the grips of our fingers.

In Singapore, many cardiac arrest victims DON’T receive help.  And even if help was administered, in most cases it would be too late or too poorly performed to make much of a difference.

In USA, survival rates can be as high as 45%. In Singapore, it's a meagre 3%. The FACT is that in Singapore, most sudden cardiac arrest victims will DIE.

You see, it's not that we don't have enough first aiders or CPR providers around. Each year, tens of thousands of people living in Singapore are trained in first aid and CPR. So the BIG question is...


This is why we do what we do. We've been doing this for some time now and we can modestly say that we do it a bit differently than anyone else.

Our training team spend a lot of time working on our training systems so that you get the most out of the training. We adopt a FUN, low-stress, easy-learning, practical focused training in all our first aid and CPR courses. We try our best to create a highly  conducive and comfortable environment so that you learn without worry and can actually focus on building your confidence to apply what you've learnt in a real situation.

When you call us or step into our office, you'll find yourself greeted by our very own friendly service team who are dedicated to make your day. As they walk you through every inch of information and detail that you inquire, you'll discover how easy and pleasant the whole process is.

Our vibrant team of trainers strives to ensure that each and every session is most eye-opening, engaging, enriching and informative for you. Our trainers are the rare few in Singapore who are truly passionate to teach from real life experiences and bring real meaning to the message of the topics.

At SFATC, you can see and sense that we do it with our hearts. You will know at once that you made the right choice.

So make a date with us and let us take you through this challenging path of learning first aid. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. We'll see you soon!!

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