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Our common training goal is that our participants will walk out of the class with the confidence and competence to apply first aid in a real life scenario.


For the last 20 years, there has been one major thing that sets us apart from our counterparts in the industry - our training. Our training methods didn't just come about overnight. 

Every part of our course is a well thought process. Every single activity is designed to achieve a specific objective. Every action initiated was built in by design to draw our participant towards learning better. 

There is no one else puts the kind of effort we do to enhance learning experience. We have taken, and will continue to take, painstaking efforts to research, design, implement and execute our training. We look into every single detail to ensure that our training impacts our participant in every way possible. Because we simply understand that

Teaching ≠ Learning

First aid is one of the most important topics in the world because someone’s life may depend on it. However, most places focus on how they teach. We instead focus on how effectively people learn and then we design our training towards that.

The Advanced Speed Learning System.

In 2010, we improved, structured and formalized the training methods we used in the past and made it our training methodology. We named this improved version the Advanced Speed Learning System. When participants are exposed to this system, they experience

  • enhanced learning

  • improved understanding

  • increased confidence levels

  • increased realism

  • enhanced impact

  • improved retention

  • increased applicability in a real situation

The objective of ASLS is simple: No one gets left behind.

In 2014, as we embarked on developing eLearning content, we applied the Advanced Speed Learning System principles into our eLearning lessons. This resulted in a tremendous improvement in the delivery, experience and results for our online learners. Today, most learners prefer our blended and eLearning options due to the impactful results they get in the end.

The SLIMM Concept

The concept that the Advanced Speed Learning System uses is called SLIMM, an abbreviation for


Successful Learning = Impactful, Meaningful, Memorable

In other words, when the training is impactful, meaningful and memorable, participants will experience high level of success in their learning. The Advanced Speed Learning System isn't simple or straightforward, because it uses a multi-angled approach to engage learners which includes learning elements such as

  • class activities

  • group learning

  • discovery learning

  • improvisation techniques

  • case scenarios

  • case studies

  • interactive lectures

  • practical

  • videos / audios

  • and many other trademark teaching elements

Join us today and see the difference for yourself. Once you've had a taste of how we do it, you won't bear to go anywhere else!

Methodology at Singapore First Aid Training Centre | Training delivery and techniques
SgFirstAid Participants performing first aid log-roll during simulated first aid activity
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