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Self-service medical booths that assess vital signs can help reduce clinic wait times.

Imagine walking into a clinic and having your temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and body mass index measured in minutes without having to contact with another person.

Sensors installed into Republic Power's RP Medbot, a "unmanned medical booth," can assess a patient's height and weight while a machine monitors his blood pressure.

Sensors built into RP Medbot can measure a patient's height and weight, while a machine takes his blood pressure.

All of this is accomplished without the use of extra personnel, since a video leads patients through these steps prior to a teleconsultation appointment with a doctor.

According to Republic Power CFO Edward Yoon, the RP Medbot booths will also have digital stethoscopes, which can precisely monitor heartbeats and diagnose abnormalities like as heart murmurs.

The business is attempting to obtain regulatory clearance for the stethoscopes.

These gadgets provide RP Medbot a competitive advantage over telemedicine services like WhiteCoat and Doctor Anywhere, he says, noting that patients frequently do not have such equipment at home.

Having patients undertake these screening processes themselves with the use of equipment may also help reduce waiting times, according to Mr Yoon, who added that such booths can also help alleviate the healthcare sector's personnel shortage.

He noted that the prices of utilizing such a booth will be equivalent to those of teleconsultation services.

The business intends to deploy up to ten of the booths in Jurong and Tampines in collaboration with a global corporation, and it is also in negotiations to introduce them in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The RP Medbot is one of the exhibits at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre's Medical Manufacturing Asia and Medical Fair Asia, which started on Wednesday.

The two concurrent shows comprise over 700 exhibitors from 50 nations and regions, including 20 enterprises from Singapore alone.

Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association chairperson Elise Hong hailed Singapore as "the most sought-after destination for medtech enterprises" in Asia in her address. She mentioned the presence of more than 60 international corporations in the area.

She attributed this to the country's "excellent design and engineering competence" as well as its "vibrant manufacturing capabilities."

Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Trade and Industry, attended the opening ceremonies for the two exhibits.

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