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Recognised by

Maritime Port Authority  
Meets SRFAC guidelines


3 days




(before GST)


Maritime Cluster Fund

Skills Future Credit, UTAP

Medical First Aid On Board Ship Course @ SgFirstAid

The Medical First Aid On Board Ship Course is designed for Seafarers and those working offshore in accordance with Section A-VI/4-1 of the STCW Code. Approved by the Maritime Port Authority (MPA), this course goes is for advanced first aiders, covering in-depth emergency skills and procedures where access to medical facilities may be limited, in order to immediately stabilise the casualty's condition to prevent worsening and a possible life or limb threatening situation.


Skills covered include spinal management skills with the use of equipment, pharmacology, sterilisation, CPR and AED, and intravenous therapy. Participants of this course may be eligible for Maritime Cluster Funding. 

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