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A man who suffered two heart attack was rescued by his wife's CPR.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

When her husband experienced two cardiac arrests at home, a wife saved his life twice in 10 days by conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Jill Shattock saved her husband Paul's life twice

The East Anglian Ambulance Service applauded Jill Shattock's actions, saying it wanted more people to learn CPR.

"If Jill hadn't learned how perform CPR, I wouldn't be here today," her husband Paul, who lives in Norfolk, said.

According to the EMS service, the survival rate was fewer than one in ten.

According to the report, 30,000 cardiac arrests occur in the United Kingdom each year.

Mr Shattock, who lives near Fakenham, was responded to by paramedics and airlifted to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for treatment following the cardiac arrests.

It took a long time for the 55-year-old to recover from the cardiac arrests in July 2017, but he now feels healthy, well, and confident.

Mrs. Shattock, 52, initially learned CPR as a Girl Guide but has since worked at the NHS and undergone regular first aid training.

"The air ambulance was critical because it came with a doctor who was able to give him clot-busting medications and bring him to the hospital in approximately 10 minutes," she explained.

"It's down to her [Jill's] fast efforts and the following interventions of the medical professionals engaged," Mr Shattock added.

"We're forever grateful that I survived against the odds and want to help raise more awareness of how important it is to learn CPR."

The terms heart attack and cardiac arrest are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Heart attack and cardiac arrest are two different conditions. Read more about the difference between a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest


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