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The Workplace Benefits of First Aid Training

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Not every job is dangerous, yet every company is accountable for their employees' safety on the job.

Employee first aid training is one of the finest ways for businesses to meet their legal and moral commitments to their employees.

Employee training delivers advantages that are not always visible.

We'll look at some of the ways that first aid training can help both companies and employees in this post.

Employer Advantages of First Aid Training

1. Improved response time in an emergency

A quick staff response in an emergency can save lives.

Employees that have received first aid training will be more confident and prepared in the event of an emergency.

A prompt response can minimize healing time, resulting in less time missed due to injury.

2. Raise awareness to reduce workplace accidents.

First aid training teaches employees to be more aware of workplace safety, which leads to fewer accidents and injuries.

Minimizing worker risk and reducing workplace events benefits everyone, but it has ramifications for employers in all parts of business operations.

Your organization's safety training and greater awareness will save lives.

3. A more pleasant working atmosphere

Employers can demonstrate to their staff that they care about maintaining a safe work environment by making first aid training available to them.

Workplace first aid training can even be used as a great team-building exercise and morale booster.

Employee Advantages of First Aid Training

1. WorkPlace safety

Employees benefit from first aid training for others around them because it keeps them safer.

Aside from the benefits already mentioned for employers, a safe work environment is an appealing benefit for employees.

2. Safety at Home

Training in first aid is as beneficial outside of the workplace. Knowing first aid could one day save a friend or family member's life. Anyone who lives with someone who is at risk of cardiac arrest should get first aid training.

3. Feel safer when working alone

First aid training can teach staff how to utilize first aid kits appropriately and how to remain calm in an emergency.

These abilities are vital for administering first aid to others, but they can also help employees who work alone gain time until help arrives.


CPR and first aid go hand in hand.

Depending on the danger and risks identified, one or more members of your team may require CPR and first aid training, which can be focused on the work setting and within an occupational safety context.

There are a number of great occupational first aid and CPR training resources you can find online however learning from an accredited school will make the journey better. The Occupational First Aid Course we provide for new first aid providers is designed to increase awareness of possible accidents, identify accidents with casualties and optimise health and performance at the workplace.

This course fulfils the first aid certification requirement under the Workplace Safety Health Act and is recognised by the Ministry of Manpower and Singapore Civil Defence Force. The course also Includes CPR + AED Training and Certification.

To make the first step towards becoming first aid trained check our course here to find out more.

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