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Teaching Gems No.1: Introduction

Teaching tips for you that actually work!

If you are new in training, or want to take things to a different level, then our latest video series, Teaching Gems, is just what you need!

We're covering over 15 precious teaching strategies that can really turn your class around - and give you that edge you want over the rest.

It doesn't matter what your topic is, these strategies can be applied in any class to any group of learners.

You can finally make a real difference to your learners and make each class memorable and impactful, every single time.

Tap onto SgFirstAid's 20 years of experience as a training provider, training almost half a million learners from all walks of life.

Learn how we do it in class and take these strategies with you throughout your teaching career.

If your goal is to establish a career in training, this could be exactly what you need.

The SRFAC Accredited SFA Instructor Course is a nationally recognised program that not only covers how to teach and deploy different strategies in class, but gives you tons of exposure with extensive opportunities to practice teaching while being coached by our team of experienced trainers.

To top it all, you get the platform to present in front of a live audience (not a pretend class, but with actual class participants!) to give you the complete experience and exposure to manage a real class.

You will hardly find an opportunity like this anywhere else as other institutions may find it risky to put a new trainer in front of live paying audience.

The good news is that we been grooming trainers for a long time and this have enabled us develop the capacity and system to create a safe environment for you to do so without compromising user experience.

If you are serious to reach your teaching goals, then this could be the best platform to kick start and get the best results from your time, effort and investment.

Leverage on the following financial support schemes to offset the course fees:

- SSG Funding up to 70%

- Skills Future Credit

- Up to $250 UTAP Funding (NTUC Members)

- PSEA Funds .

Find out more about our first aid instructor program here

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