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Phone Use and Jaywalking: A Fatal Combination for Pedestrians

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Pedestrian safety is a critical issue that has gained increasing attention in recent years. However, a recent tragedy in Singapore reminds us that we must remain vigilant to prevent accidents.

Deliveryman Mohamad Yusman Sahadan, 52, was hit by a car and died at the scene on Sept 17, 2022.

The State Coroner found that Mr Yusman must have assumed that it was safe to cross the road and warned that pedestrians who use their phones while crossing the road risk serious injury or even death.

It is a common sight to see pedestrians crossing the road while engrossed in their mobile devices, which is dangerous.

Pedestrians should always ensure that they look up from their mobile devices and make sure that oncoming traffic has come to a halt before crossing the road.

In Mr Yusman's case, he was standing about 1m behind two pedestrians who jaywalked across the road, and he followed them while still looking intently at his phone.

Mr Yusman did not look up from his phone or check for oncoming traffic, resulting in the tragic accident.

To prevent accidents like this, it is crucial that pedestrians take road safety seriously. Here are some first aid and safety tips for road safety awareness:

  • Always use pedestrian crossings, where possible. It is the safest way to cross the road.

  • Pay attention to traffic signals and obey them at all times.

  • Look left and right before crossing the road, even if the traffic signal is green or there is a pedestrian crossing.

  • Do not use mobile devices while crossing the road. Your attention should be focused on the road, and using a mobile device distracts you from what is happening around you.

  • If you must use your mobile device, stop and move to the side of the road before using it.

  • Wear bright or reflective clothing, especially at night, to increase your visibility to drivers.

  • Avoid wearing headphones or using earphones that may prevent you from hearing traffic.

  • If you are with young children, hold their hand tightly and ensure they stay close to you.

  • Finally, always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Even if you are following the road safety rules, other road users may not be.

We must always remember that road safety is everyone's responsibility. Pedestrians and drivers must take precautions to ensure everyone's safety on the road.

By being vigilant and following the road safety rules, we can all work together to prevent accidents.

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