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More people need to be trained in Physical and Psychological First Aid.

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The importance of psychological first aid as a supportive and practical first response cannot be overstated.

Aside from dealing with physical wounds and addressing emotional discomfort, psychological wounds is an extremely big problem in any crisis.

Psychosocial skills that are learned allow people to care for and support one another, which is what psychological first aid attempts to solve.

This facilitates the formation of stronger relationships and peer support in both crucial emergency circumstances and everyday situations at home, in schools, workplaces, and in the community.

Learning psychological first aid allows you to make a non-intrusive and caring relationship with another human being. It can save lives, much like first aid.

SGFIRSTAID added psychological first aid in order to empower more people to cope with the physical and emotional aspect of first aid.

So far, SGFIRSTAID have taught over thousands of people from both corporate and individual organizations in all aspect of first aid and we hope this course, it will help even more people.

The 100% online Psychological First Aid Course is the globally recommended training for supporting people during emergencies.

This is in line with our goal of nurturing a community of trained responders, so that timely physical and psychological first aid can be rendered to the family, neighbours, colleagues or those in one’s neighbourhood, before professional help arrives.

We can be a more resilient community to overcome adversity if more people in the community are equipped with physical and psychological first aid skills. First aid and psychological first aid are essential components of the national SGSecure campaign. They will contribute to the development of really unified, vigilant, and, most importantly, empowered people capable of defending ourselves and our society.

We hope that more individuals will volunteer to learn first aid and psychological first aid, and that they will encourage their families and peers to do the same in order to make our country more prepared and resilient.

The course itself is training grants and Skills Future Credit eligible.

To find out more about Psychological First Aid,

Do contact us at

Tel: 62978123

WhatsApp: 86715681


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