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Mastering CPR at Home: The ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit


When it comes to CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training, the thought of mastering these life-saving skills might seem daunting. However, thanks to the groundbreaking ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit, the process of learning and practicing CPR and AED usage has been revolutionized, and it's something you can now do from the comfort of your home.

Developed right here in Singapore, the ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit is the first of its kind. It's a comprehensive learning kit that's changing the way people acquire the essential skills of CPR and AED operation. It's a game-changer in medical education, and here's why:

Learning CPR and AED: The Smart Way


The ONE HEART MANIKIN is not your average training tool. It's been specially designed to provide learners with the ability to master CPR skills without compromising on the standards of learning. This kit is incredibly simple to use, yet it's packed with unique technology that offers realistic CPR and AED simulations that align with the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council's guidelines for CPR.

Features That Make a Difference

Here are some of the standout features of the ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit:

Full Practical Application: The kit is all about hands-on learning. It's lightweight, portable, and eco-friendly. The components are biodegradable, making it not only an effective learning tool but also an environmentally responsible one. Plus, it's an affordable way to get the training you need.

Perfect Your Compressions: Achieving the right depth during chest compressions is crucial in CPR. This kit includes an indicator for accurate depth, ensuring you get it right every time. It also features a recoil indicator to help you understand the importance of correct relaxation between compressions.

Get Blown Away! Practice Breaths: CPR involves both chest compressions and rescue breaths. With the ONE HEART MANIKIN, you can practice ventilation with visible chest rise. It boasts a unique mechanism that forces the airway open for realistic ventilation. Plus, it comes with single-user lungs with a realistic adult lung capacity.

ONE HEART SimulAED: Mastering the use of an AED is equally important in the chain of survival. The SimulAED in this kit mimics AED trainer sets that are worth hundreds of dollars. It even includes scenarios to replicate real AED applications. You'll become familiar with the shock button and prompts, simulating the entire AED operation.

Interactive AED Simulation: Turn Your Device Into a Powerful Trainer

The ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit takes it a step further with its SimulAED. It transforms your device into a powerful AED simulator, allowing you to practice AED usage just as if you were in a real-life situation. The AED interface and prompts are responsive for added realism, and it includes ONE HEART AED pads for a complete experience.

Get Rewarded with the ONE HEART CPR + AED CERT

All your hard work won't go unnoticed. With the ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit, you have the opportunity to earn your ONE HEART CPR + AED certification. This certification will validate your skills and knowledge in CPR and AED usage. It includes theory and scenario assessments, marked by real instructors, and upon passing, you'll receive your well-deserved certificate.

Mastering CPR and AED usage has never been this accessible and realistic. The ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit is transforming the way we learn and practice these life-saving techniques. So why not take this opportunity to become CPR + AED certified from the comfort of your home? It's a skill that can make a real difference in an emergency and save lives. You can check our ONE HEART MANIKIN Kit here.

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