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Lost in the Wild: How Two Hikers Were Rescued in MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Two hikers were reported missing in MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park on Apr. 10, 2023, at around 5:56 pm.

Photos taken from Singapore Police Force FB

The police deployed officers from various units, including the Tanglin Division, the Gurkha Contingent, and the Aerial Response Team, to locate the missing man.

Officers from the National Parks Board (NParks) and national water agency PUB also assisted in the search. Within three hours, both men, aged 67 and 51, were found safe and unhurt.

While hiking or trekking, it's important to follow some basic safety guidelines to prevent getting lost or injured. Here are some first aid and safety tips:

  1. Always carry a map, compass, or GPS device to navigate through the trail.

  2. This days our phone is the best device on our hand and make sure you have all the proper apps handy before venturing into unchartered territories.

  3. Wear proper clothing and footwear according to the weather and terrain.

  4. Carry enough water, snacks, and first-aid supplies.

  5. Stay on the designated trails to avoid getting lost or causing harm to the flora and fauna.

  6. Keep a safe distance from wildlife and avoid feeding them.

  7. Check the weather forecast before going out and avoid hiking during bad weather conditions.

  8. Notify someone about your hiking plan, route, and expected time of return.

  9. Don't go alone, always go with a companion or a group.

  10. Avoid hiking or trekking after sunset or before sunrise.

  11. Respect the environment and follow the park rules and regulations.

Hiking and trekking can be a fun and adventurous activity, but it's important to take safety precautions and follow the rules and regulations of the park.

The successful rescue of the two hikers in MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park serves as a reminder of the importance of safety while exploring the natural beauty of Singapore.


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