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How to treat a deep skin cut


Everyone of us has nearly 5 liters of circulating blood. Most minor cuts won’t faze us and we can put a plaster for it to stop bleeding. But what if our injuries are too severe?

Now you’re down to 2 to 5 minutes to stop it before the inevitable.

And you don’t know what to do next.

But what if we told you, you’ve got the power to control and stop the bleeding with the right techniques? 

Step 1: Understand the severity of the wound

  1. Remove any clothing, jewelry, or items that is covering the wound or make it harder to access. 

  2. Try to estimate the size and depth of the wound

Step 2: Hands off the wound and the wounded

  1. Don’t try to remove the object!

  2. Don’t clean the wound!

  3. Don’t move the wounded!

Step 3: Apply direct pressure on the wound by placing a gauze above it. 

gauze for cut

It’s like plugging a leak, you’ll slow the blood flow and allow the wound to start clotting by itself. 

Step 4: A soaked gauze doesn’t mean remove - just add on! 


Step 5: Keep the casualty as still as possible.

Step 6: Call 995 if:

  1. The wound is deep, or severe, or appears to be losing a large amount of blood.

  2. You’re unable to stop the bleeding.

  3. The casualty show signs of shock. Example: Feeling giddy, fainting, or the skin is cold to touch. 

  4. Casualty is unconscious, immediately start CPR and use the AED if available. 

These situations could become life-threatening, so after you perform the life-saving action, the next best thing you can do is call for help immediately. Remember, serious wounds need professional medical attention!

In case you’re wondering if there’s any other way we can prepare ourselves for an emergency, consider enrolling in our Standard First Aid course, we will teach you more on how to provide emergency assistance.  

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