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Five Finger Death Punch: Seizure

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

After the crowd applauds Moody for his quick thinking, he says: "Hi, listen, first off, that's what makes you one of the most amazing audiences of all time. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

When the main vocalist of the popular heavy metal band, Ivan Moody, noticed a fan in need of assistance, he abruptly ended the event.

The unnamed woman was escorted through the barricades for rapid assistance by the medical aides on hand.

Moody runs into the crowd to assist after asking that the woman be laid on her side rather than her back.

Anne Temple videotaped and published it on TikTok from the concert at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio.

She captioned the video as follows: "I hope she's okay! Another reason to adore these guys!"

Moody explains why he felt compelled to jump in and help the fan while also thanking the audience for their patience.

Moody then references the time he 'died' for three minutes due to an alcohol-related seizure.

"Now forgive me, that hit me a little hard. If anybody, if you read up about anything to do with me, the way I died was by having a seizure similar to that," he tells the crowd. "So I take that very, very seriously. "

He also compliments the crew that were in attendance throughout the concert. "Fortunately, our man Ritchie and all the medical professionals here appreciate you very much for looking after her; please give them a round."

Users on TikTok praised the performer for supporting the fan.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again: metal rock and punk artists are some of the most loving people out there," a TikTok user stated.

"Mad admiration for this band and Ivan," said another.

"I hope she's okay," another person replied.

Attending music festivals is a fun way to spend your time away from work and a way to release your stress in the presence of your favourite band/music.

However, loud music and crowded events may cause complications.

While most people can enjoy these activities without any problem, it is important to consider possible hazards, such as dehydration and strobing lights during this events, and how you will manage them.

How to Deal with Festival Risks:

If you are planning on attending a music festival, here are some precautions you can take:

  • Talk to your doctor: Tell them about your plans and ask for specific advice. Some treatment centers can test if you have ‘stroboscopic’ epilepsy that is triggered by music festival lighting.

  • Keep hydrated: If you are dancing for hours you can easily get dehydrated. This can alter the chemical balance in your brain and may trigger seizures – so keep a bottle of water with you.

  • Take your medication: One of the biggest causes of seizures is forgetting to take medicine. Do your best to take your medication at the right time each day

  • Inform your friends: Let the people you’re going to the festival with know about your seizures and what to do if you have one. It is also worth wearing an epilepsy bracelet in case you lose your buddies in the crowd.

  • Be prepared: When you arrive at the festival, it might be helpful to find out where the medical station is.

  • Avoid risky behavior: You know yourself better than anyone else, so listen to your body. If you know alcohol or tiredness triggers your seizures, avoid these risks.

Attending music events is safe for most persons, especially if you know you don't have stroboscopic epilepsy.

You may dance to your favorite DJ,singer or music all weekend long if you consult with your doctor and plan ahead of time.


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