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Countdown For Safe Travels - Elderly Edition


While the idea of having your grandparents join the family holiday sounds delightful, you need to be extra cautious and take precautions. By confirming any travel plans, you can ensure their health and readiness for the journey. 

By communicating their travel plans to their regular family doctor, the medical professionals can address any potential health issues that may arise during the trip like diet and activities, as well as recommend necessary vaccinations before leaving for your journey.

Here are some general measures from Dr. Ng Chung Wai, Family Physician and Chairperson of Infection Control and Infectious Diseases at SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP), a member of the SingHealth group:



If you are travelling with someone who is on long-term medication, make sure you remember to carry sufficient supplies along with a list of their medical conditions, an alert card indicating allergies, a complete list of medications, and contact details of their regular doctor.



Diabetic travellers should inform the airline in advance, carry snacks to prevent hypoglycemia, and ensure their travelling companions are aware of symptoms. They should also carry necessary medications, including insulin, on board.



When travelling with dementia patients, inform the airline in advance, carry relevant information at all times, enlist additional help, and ensure a sufficient supply of necessities.



When travelling to areas with higher pollen or dust levels, remember to bring along ssential items such as inhalers, antihistamines, and prescribed medications necessary for severe allergic reactions.



Remember to get your appropriate travel vaccinations. Make sure to check with your doctors and refer to relevant websites for updated information.

Family Travel Medicine Kit:


For a well-prepared travel kit, include medications for common issues like diarrhea, allergies, fever, motion sickness, coughs, rashes, cuts, and constipation. Ensure that medicines and prescriptions are properly labeled and kept in your carry-on, with a duplicate set stashed in your checked luggage. Adhere to travel limits for quantities, though exceptions can be made for medical reasons  (to be checked with individual airlines).

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