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"The Rock" meets boy who used 'San Andreas' technique to save drowning brother

Jacob O'Connor, 10, recently rescued his 2-year-old brother by using CPR moves he learned from watching the 2015 thriller "San Andreas," which starred Johnson.

A 10-year-old boy who is being praised as a hero after saving his younger brother from drowning in a swimming pool, recently got to meet a hero of his own: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The actor recently invited Jacob O’Connor and his family out to Vancouver, where he is filming the movie "Skyscraper," after finding out that the boy rescued his 2-year-old brother, Dylan Meadows, by using CPR moves he learned from watching his favourite movie, “San Andreas,” which starred The Rock.

In this earthquake thriller, The Rock's character performs CPR on his on-screen daughter.

After finding Dylan in the family swimming pool, “I just started thinking about the movie,” Jacob say, noting he pulled his little brother out of the water and gave him about five chest compressions. “I was very scared.”

Dylan was taken to the hospital and put in the pediatric intensive care unit, but was able to make a full recovery, thanks to his brother.

His mother, Christa O’Connor say that her son has seen “San Andreas” dozens of times. “What Jacob did was heroic and I’m forever grateful. If he wasn’t there that day, I don’t even want to imagine losing one of my kids,” she said.

The Rock took to Instagram to share Jacob’s story. “I’m so amazed and impressed by this little 10-year-old boy’s heroic actions and calm instincts in the middle of that kind of emergency distress. I now need to shake young Jacob’s hand,” he wrote.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Christa O’Connor said the family spent about five hours on the set.

The Rock also shared a video of the meet and greet, noting Jacob wore a T-shirt he made with a picture of the actor holding his two dogs, whom he once rescued from a swimming pool.

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