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Recent uptick in Covid-19 cases not a new wave, no adjustments to measures needed.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Singaporeans do not have to worry that there will be any adjustments to current safe management measures.

According to Singapore's Minister of Health, Ong Ye Kung, the recent increase of Covid-19 instances is not a new wave.

As a result, Singaporeans need not worry about any changes to present safe management methods (SMMs).

Mr Ong said: "With strong resilience to the virus due to vaccinations and recovery from past infections, we should be able to see through this uptick of cases, without any adjustments to current SMMs."

Mr Ong also stated in a Facebook update that the present rise is an understandable result of the easing in SMMs since April 26.

Residents are no longer need to wear masks outside, and there is no limit on the number of visitors to a house after the amendments were implemented, among other things.

These modifications coincided with a decrease in the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition level, which shows the current condition, from orange to yellow.

Singapore registered 3,645 new cases on Thursday, compared to 3,890 instances on Wednesday. The weekly infection growth rate has likewise reverted to 1.49, as it did on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it was 1.76.

The rate is the ratio of community cases in the previous week to those in the previous week. A rate greater than one indicates that the number of new weekly Covid-19 cases is growing. Last Thursday, the rate was 0.82.

Mr Ong further stated that the majority of existing Covid-19 cases had minimal symptoms and recover quickly at home.

"Singapore's hospitals and ICUs are not currently seeing a rise of severe Covid-19 cases," he added.

On Thursday, there were 265 patients in the hospital, with 30 requiring oxygen and 7 in intensive care. On May 5, there were 231 hospitalized patients, including 18 who required oxygen assistance and 6 in the intensive care unit.

However, he stated that the administration will continue to constantly watch the situation.

"Things can change very fast," Mr Ong added, "particularly if a new variety emerges."

"Even as we enjoy this period of relief, we must not let down our guard and must continue to exercise personal and social responsibility at all times," he continued.

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