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Sleep better with the Sound of the Rain.

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Why is it so simple to doze off while it's raining? There's something comforting about being inside while it's pouring outside. And much better when you're snuggled up under layers of blankets, curled up on the couch, or dozing asleep.

It's less pleasant when you have stuff to accomplish. Rain, whether indoors or outdoors, appears to make it more difficult to concentrate on the work at hand, sapping energy and productivity. Why is this the case?

Let's look at some of the science behind rain and sleep so you can better comprehend what's going on in your mind and body the next time it rains.

Increased negative ion content in the air

The negative ion content in the air increases when it rains. lightning and the friction between rain and air can produce a large amount of negative ions in a rainy day.

The increase of negative ions can significantly improve the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, blood system, and respiratory system. People will feel more comfortable.

What’s more, the negative ions have the effect of calming and hypnosis. It is one factor which help people fall asleep easily.

The rain's sound

Rain's steady, calm sound may be a wonderful lullaby for individuals who are attempting to sleep. Studies have found that when rain sounds enters people’s brain, brain unconsciously relaxes and produces alpha waves, which are very close to the state of brain when human sleeps.

So, the sound of rain encourages the brain to relax subconsciously, causing it to go off to sleep.

Increased secretion of melatonin

Human brains can secretes a sleep-related hormone, melatonin, which is secreted in the dark or when the light is dark. In the rainy days, dark clouds block the sun, and the environment becomes dim. At this time, the secreted melatonin by brain increases, making people sleepy.

At the same time, a sleep-related protein are also produced by our eyes. It is interesting that the brighter the light is, the less the protein will be synthesized.

On the contrary, the darker the light is, the more the protein will be synthesized. It is sure that soon sleepiness is coming.

Outdoor recreation is restricted.

When it rains, there is a limitation on people’s activities. Many outdoor exercises can’t be done. For people who has nothing to do, sleeping is probably a good choice. Everyone like comfortable state, and sleep is a kind of enjoyment.

Even though people can fall asleep easily when it is rain day, it doesn’t mean that people can enjoy a high quality of sleep because when it rains, there are lesser oxygen in air. After people wake up from a long sleep, people will still feel weak and sleepy.

And when it rains, people also need to spend much more time to get out of bed.

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