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Kickstart Your Wellness Routine

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The “5 to 9” trend aren’t all hustle.

It actually provides users with a variety of ways to de-stress, whether it’s cleaning their homes, hitting the gym, grabbing a coffee, or simply watching a show that brings them joy.

Here’s some 5 to 9 inspo to try:

  • Take a few minutes to do a full skincare routine

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Read a chapter of your favourite book

  • Centre yourself with meditation

  • Create a peaceful atmosphere by organising your home space

  • Up your fitness with a workout challenge

  • Choose one day to meal prep healthy and delicious meals for the week

Remember that your “5 to 9” may look different than someone else’s, and that’s okay! What matters is that you maximise that time to fully recharge and prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle during your 9 to 5. So, give this a shot and discover ways to power up your day!


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