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How Can the Ocean Help Us Be Calmer And More Creative?

Updated: Oct 19

The sound of a rolling ocean wave is one of the most fascinating natural sounds.

An adventurer, for example, sees the roaring sound as an invitation to ride the waves, jump/dive under them, or simply enjoy the thrill of the ride while they continue to crash in front of him.

An artist, on the other hand, responds to this appeal by getting to work on capturing the beauty of splashing waves, a silhouette of two lovers enjoying the sunset, or the dazzling sunshine that gleams everywhere on his painting.

It's the same wave, yet everyone hears it differently as it crashes!

Have you ever wondered why?

The water, the major star of this entire play, has a particular link to the human psyche. It produces a feel-good atmosphere, helps you unwind, and creates an escape route from reality, even if only for a short time.

Want to learn more about how the water may make us more relaxed and creative?

Before we divulge all the secrets, let us first introduce you to the "Blue Mind Theory."

The Famous “Blue Mind Theory”

Wallace J. Nicholas, a marine biologist and author of the 2014 book "Blue Mind," believes that we all have a particular relationship with the color blue!

Doesn't it seem a little strange?

Why would a certain hue pique our interest so much? And what about the color "blue" in particular?

It turns out that the blue tint represents the source of water here.

It implies that whether we spend our holiday time at the beach or take a stroll by the lake on a quiet afternoon, we seek a sense of serenity and clarity from these water sources.

The color blue signifies the calming impact of nature on the human psyche. Everything about the water reminds us of long-awaited vacations and wonderful memories, from playing in the sand at the beach to listening to seabirds scream your ears off!

That is most likely why Nichols correctly said that humans have a blue mind. A mind that feels at ease when it is around, in, on, or beneath water!

Why Is The Sound Of Water Soothing?

To be honest, it's a pretty excellent question!

Have you ever pondered why your finest ideas usually seem to come to you while you're taking a shower?

The peaceful, isolated setting of the shower, on the other hand, allows your mind to roam freely. It forces you to be more open to new ideas and more self-assured.

And that boost in confidence allows you to look at life in a new light! It also provides the 'Eureka' moment you've been yearning for all day!

When you get close to the water, the same thing happens. The calming sound of the waves breaking on the coast creates the ideal atmosphere for relaxing, sitting back, and taking in the peace it offers. The natural white noise of running water drowns out all other noises, calming your nerves while also rejuvenating your spirit!

How The Calming Effects Of Water Is Good For Creativity?

So, what do water and creativity have in common? Or is it just the mere fact that a calm mind thinks better and has the ability to perceive the world from a different angle?

Well, here are 5 different ways an ocean can rewire your brain for creativity:

1. Being Near Water Stimulates Your Senses 2. The Ocean Teaches Us To Never Give Up

3. It Activates Your Imagination

4. Being In Water De-Stresses You

5. It Makes You Mindful And Focused Than Ever Before!

Do you want to stay in this zone for a little while longer?

So you should quit reading your Facebook feed every 20 minutes!

Close your eyes and concentrate solely on the ocean waves smashing on the coast to learn remaining concentrated on your task. The roaring sounds, as well as the splashing and warmth of the sun, make you conscious of your surroundings. As a consequence, a more productive 'Monday' emerges!

Being surrounded by the big, blue blanket of ocean, we feel comfortable, safe and at home.

Waves of water splashing on your feet and melting away before anyone can even touch makes you feel connected with nature in a spiritual way. This meditative state makes you forget your painful memories, stress, daily burden and everything else!

Now that you know how ocean can make us calmer and more creative, hopefully, you will plan to leave the city life soon! A cozy home by the water helps to freshen your mind and boost your immune system as well.

But what if you don’t have the opportunity to live by the coast?

How about stimulating yourself with the sound of crashing waves. Set the volume to low and listen to the ocean waves crashing.

Waves have a relaxing effect that will help you fall asleep in a natural way by the ocean.


You sit alone on the beach of a calm ocean at midnight. Let the waves guide you into deep peace and intense relaxation.

Let your worries go out with the passing waves and let peace and tranquility roll in with the tide.

That in itself is first aid for the soul.


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