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Basic First Aid and Why it is Essential

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Anyone who has completed a first aid training program will tell you that it was well worth their time. Here are 5 reasons why having some basic first aid knowledge is vital.

There are numerous reasons why people don’t take First Aid training programs;

  • They are too busy

  • They don’t know where to go

  • They think that they already have enough knowledge, or

  • They think that accidents happen to other people not to them or their friends, family and colleagues.

It does more than help save lives.

It is undeniable that having first aid training may help save lives.

But that's not all; providing adequate first aid promptly can assist to shorten a person's recovery time and mean the difference between the patient having a temporary or long-term impairment.

You'll learn how to stay cool in an emergency and easy acronyms to help you remember the actions you need to do. First aid training will instill confidence and comfort in you, allowing you to be more effective and in command when the situation calls for it.

It enables you to increase patient comfort.

Not all accidents, injuries, or diseases necessitate hospitalization, but that doesn't mean they don't inflict pain and suffering to the patient. A youngster who is weeping due to a wounded elbow or a fever is in pain and suffering.

You could reduce their pain/injury by understanding how to respond - even if it's as basic as appropriately applying an ice pack or using adequate bandaging. You will also give emotional support by being cool and collected, making them feel more comfortable and lowering their anxiety levels.

It gives you tools to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

In some cases, if a patient does not receive basic first aid care right once, their condition will rapidly deteriorate. You can stabilize a patient until emergency medical services come if you can offer basic treatment. You'll learn how to utilize common home items as instruments if a first aid kit isn't accessible, which means you'll be able to deal with a variety of scenarios.

You will also be taught how to gather information and statistics regarding what occurred and the patients' condition. This information will be sent on to the emergency services, saving them time - you will be a vital link in the Chain Of Survival.

It creates the confidence to care.

Having basic first aid knowledge means you'll be confident in your talents and abilities when it comes to administering first aid. Taking first aid training allows you to reflect on yourself and how you and others respond in different situations. Understanding this will increase your confidence in a variety of non-medical day-to-day circumstances.

It encourages healthy and safe living.

One of the first things you will learn throughout your first aid training is the importance of looking after yourself and prioritizing your own safety. It's not selfishness; it's common sense. Keeping oneself safe implies that you are in a position to assist others rather than needing assistance yourself.

You will also understand the significance of healthy living and how your lifestyle habits and choices may raise or decrease your chances of acquiring issues such as coronary heart disease. Knowing this information helps you more conscious of your own health and attentive to any risks in your environment.

The Singapore First Aid Instructors Program offers thorough first aid training that will prepare you for a variety of scenarios and equip you with the confidence and expertise to deal with them promptly, properly, and efficiently. SGFIRSTAID has fostered over 300,000 First Aiders over the last 18 years in order to develop young lifesavers and train the public to be one step ahead during crises. indicating a good increase in preparation

This year, we are giving Singaporeans and permanent residents the first-ever Singapore First Aid Instructor course.

This is the first of its type and has been authorized and validated jointly by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC)

To make the first step towards becoming first aid trained check our Program Brochure to find details on the First Aid Instructor course.

Do contact us at

Tel: 62978123

WhatsApp: 86715681

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